Series 8 Hydrogen Sensor for Fuel Cell

The H2Sense 8 series Hydrogen Sensor is specially designed for Hydrogen measurement applications in Fuel Cell sector.

Our patent solid state palladium alloy hydrogen thin film sensor technology is hydrogen specific and does not have cross sensitivity with other gas like CO,CH & NOx.

Besides that, thanks to the unique technology and sensor chip design, the H2Sense 8 series Hydrogen Sensor can work normally in high humidity environment up to 100% RH, and will not be affected by the condensed DI water.

The potential applications for our 8 Series Hydrogen Sensor is Hydrogen Fuel Cell (FC) industry are very wide, includes hydrogen monitoring in ambient & exhaust area, and full range hydrogen monitoring in special
position of FC system.


Model 8000 Hydrogen Sensor for FC Datasheet EN 181101