Nuclear Power Plant

Hydrogen is generated during nuclear reaction so it is critical to have a hydrogen monitor to prevent the dangerous accident caused by Hydrogen. However, the special condition in Nuclear power plant requires the sensor to resist high temperature and high radiation levels. As one of the first application area we delivered our hydrogen sensor and solution, H2SENSE has the right product to meet all the requirements for this application sector.

Customized Hydrogen Sensor for Nuclear Power Plant

A lot of hydrogen will be generated under DBA or other severe damage to the nuclear power plant. The hydrogen have risk of explosion which will be a big threat to the intactness of safety shell and the possibility of radiation leak.
The H2SENSE palladium alloy hydrogen specific sensor is the only kind of sensor that can work under such harsh environment and survive from the accident which means high temperature and radiation level. This is a very mature and reliable safety monitoring solution for measuring hydrogen level inside the safety shell and post accident.

Technology Highlights
⁃ Resist radiation level up to 1.48kGy per hour, suitable for the directly use inside safety shell
⁃ On-sit directly monitoring - no need to take sample out of safety shell
⁃ Design and components meet standards and regulations of nuclear power plant design
⁃ Hydrogen Sensor that can work under DBA and severe damage conditions
⁃Always working properly regardless the environment temperature
⁃Easy to install for both new and old plant
⁃Suitable for all types of nuclear reactors
⁃Self diagnose and real-time sensor status feedback
Mature technology and product design