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H2SENSE is among the very few company all over the World that has the ability and experience to produce this unique hydrogen specific sensor chip, which requires special equipment for thin film coating process and our own unique design of sensor chip.

Model 5000 / 5100 Hydrogen Proc

The H2SENSE Model 5000 / 5100 have full range hydrogen gas sensor inside and are designed for process analyzing.


Model 4000 Hydrogen Safety Moni

The H2SENSE Model 4000 is designed specially for exclusive monitoring of hydrogen gas leak in a most reliable and precise way.


Model 3100 Hydrogen in oil DGA

The H2Sense Model 3100 is designed for online Hydrogen in oil DGA measurement for oil immersed transformer and other oil filled equipment.


Model 3000 Hydrogen DGA Online

The H2SENSE Model 3000 offers a breakthrough price / performance ratio in online DGA for distribution and other power transformers in the grid.



Palladium Alloy Thin-film Solid State Hydrogen Specific Sensor